What to expect


I look forward to welcoming you to my home, to experience a unique dining experience, exploring the seasonal produce of the UK.

I utilise classic Italian culinary techniques and recipes, and create menus which reflect the changing seasons and landscapes around us. A true love affair.

We have so much to learn about our food provenance, history and value, and I strive to bring this knowledge to the dishes I cook. Your evening will include stories of how and where the food has come from, and you’ll be seated with a view into the kitchen; you can watch the preparation and service throughout the night.

If you choose to add the wine flight to your menu, you will enjoy 5 different wines expertly picked to compliment your food. Predominantly, these will be both English and Italian wines, but occasionally I may need to travel further to find the best match for a dish. Your host will explain to you why these wines have been selected, and you can try your nose and test your palate throughout the evening.

The evening will be an intimate affair, with between 8-10 guests. You will have the chance to chat to other foodies, meet new people and experience a truly unique night out. When it is time to go, you’ll head home with some wine tasting notes and information about your meal, and an excellent story to tell…….