There’s a Hazelnut Tree at the bottom of the garden…


I’m looking at our little square of garden, at our immaculate (fake) lawn, and wondering what on earth all the debris is at the bottom. “Ah-hum”, thinks me. “Here’s another excuse for husband to get his lawn-vacuum cleaner out and go all OCD on me cleaning up the lawn”. I go to investigate. Save him frightening the squirrels, Peanut, and next door’s 10 month old baby.

OH MY GOD ITS NUTS!!!! Or something that looks a lot like nuts. Not being an expert on what things look like when they fall from a tree, I picked some up, took some photos and took to google. (Not before Peanut had snarfed about six and sat happily crunching them).

GOOGLE: “what nuts grow in England”

GOOGLE: “Image of hazelnut” (other than the one on the Nutella jar)

GOOGLE: “Image of hazelnut tree”

GOOGLE: “are hazelnuts poisonous to dogs” (answer – no. thankfully).

Now I have about 30 hazelnuts sitting in my kitchen, happily drying out and waiting for their next destiny, which I believe will be some sort of home-made nutella type dessert….

The most incredible thing about this story, for those of you who may have seen our garden – is that it literally is just a 5x5m square patch of artificial lawn, with some Laurel trees lining the fence at the bottom and a small potted herb garden I am attempting to cultivate. The tree behind the fence belongs to, well, I have no idea. It’s an empty patch of land, so I say, finders keepers. I have been previously known to grumble about said tree’s potential light blocking impact, but I am now inclined to forgive it it’s sunny position.

It also explains why we have so many squirrels sitting on the fence taunting the poor dog.



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